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Past Annual Car Shows  and Awards

What The Hell Bar & Grill owners, Henry & Jason handing out some of their awards.

This years show was the best one yet !!  We had more comments about how much fun everyone had, and how friendly this crowd was !  

Gina's 94 year old grandpa came out from California for the show !

Gina's Team  Board members 

2018 show is October 27th, 9 AM-2PM in Mesa at "What The Hell Bar & Grill" located   at 7303 E. Main Street.

Gina's parents & her 2 sons

One of the "Gina's Kids Pick" award winners, selected by the kids for their sister Mia.

​2019  Car  Show

Here are some of the entries

Gina's   family 

Gina's sons, Noah with Anna, and Trevor

2018     SHOW

Gina's dad and 3 of her kids passing out awards